Sleeping Beauty 2016


Thanks to all the adults who have replied to say they would like a part. Casting has now taken place, with the exception of the part of Aurora. Aurora is a small part and we are going to audition from within the group (see below).

The first read through will be on Thursday 17th September at 7pm.

Rehearsals will be on Thursday evenings from 7pm – 9.30pm approx.

Sunday rehearsals will begin on 29thNovember. It is essential that all adults attend Sunday rehearsals. If you are aware of any reason why you can not make a Sunday, please let Rachel know asap!

Aurora Audition

Any girl who has been in St Andrew’s pantomime in recent years, who is currently at high school, and who could pass for a 16 year old is welcome to audition for this part. It should be noted that rehearsals for Aurora will be the same as for the adults (please see above).

The audition will take place on Wednesday 9th September at 6pm.

For the audition the girls must learn a page of dialogue (taken from the script) and be prepared to sing a simple song (Doe a deer). The song will be sung unaccompanied, and is simply an opportunity to demonstrate vocal range and volume.

Any girl interested in auditioning must contact Rachel before Monday 7th September to register their interest.

Aurora Audition Script

Information for Parents 

Please click on the above link for useful information about children who are considering being in St Andrew’s Pantomime.

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