Dress Rehearsal

Dress 1

An empty auditorium. A nightmare I think we’ve all had.

Some pictures of the dress rehearsal. If you come to the show you can see what the heck is going on and try to spot the few subtle differences between these and the live experience.


Dress 2

Where’s Puss,? I’ve just seen a mouse this big, it was ordering a take-away and playing the ukelele

Dress 3

Believe me, this is by far the best stance for ski-jumping Proudlock

Dress 4

Pull my finger

Dress 5

Why does Dad wear Mums old maternity smocks whenever he sings?

Dress 6

Don’t come near me, I’ll ‘ave ya wiv me wand

Dress 7

I’m so poor. Maybe I should sell this girly silk shirt, it should fetch a few quid

Dress 8

I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay. And I pity any girl that isn’t me today

Dress 9

If you’re really my mother you’d know that I always wanted to be a gondolier on the Leeds to Liverpool canal

Dress 10

How would you two like to come back to the barracks to check out my etchings

Dress 11

King “How do you manage to keep your hands so soft” Queen “Slapping the servants”

Dress 12

This frill is so chafing

Dress 13

Gather round everyone and I’ll trump the Albarosa national anthem

Dress 14

Don’t worry Mrs Cobbler I’ll use magic to clear up those nits

Dress 15

Give this boy a job mrs Cobbler, he has an endless supply of girly silky shirts

Dress 16

Listen closely, I want you to put your forehead on the top of this broom handle, spin around five times and then try to exit stage left without landing on the band

Dress 17

You know the toilets are in the back Tom

Dress 18

What, you’re a cat. Well I can do a chimp impression look at this

Dress 19

I’m overjoyed to have found this shoe shop I wonder if they sell socks, my corns are chafing

Dress 20

I was born to be a dancer

Dress 21

I’m afraid I’m going to be busy, Father wants me to take a job as a toilet roll cover

Dress 22

Ah your majesty, I wonder if I could talk to you about PPI

Dress 23

Tom, why is your apron covered in skidmarks

Dress 24

You ‘orrible little man

Dress 25

…and then I just pushed the two dwarves under the water and nicked their pretty hats

Dress 26

Dirk – “Why don’t I have anyone to chat to”

Dress 27

Stage dive time. Watch out on the front row

Dress 28

No one waering black was allowed to sing at the Palace


An invitation to the Palace, I hope they have Sheesh Kebabs.

An invitation to the Palace, I hope they have Sheesh Kebabs.

Dress 30

Staring contest, ready, GO!

Dress 31

I wonder if I’ve left the gas on

Dress 32

I see you’re admiring my Tom Miller skin rug and my Princess lamp

Dress 33

Now you’re all here I can show you my tap dancing skills

Dress 34

How did you manage to get this sword stuck in your forehead

Dress 35

A second later Tom revealed his love for Clarrissa the toad that he’d met in the duck pond earlier

Dress 36

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof