The Panto is Back! Rehearsals underway for Mother Goose …

After missing out in January 2021, along with everyone and everything else, due to the Pandemic, we are thrilled to announce that St Andrew’s Panto is back with a bang, and the cast, crew and production team are all delighted!

“Rehearsals are well underway”

This year we are putting on Mother Goose, a brand new version written by Ian Noble and Produced by his wife Siobhan. You might think that you know the story, but read on to find out …

“The most kind and generous person in the whole world, Gertrude Goose, has been running the same farm all her life with her son Ben and farmhands Ricky, Marge, Sid and Tina. She’s like a Mother to the whole village, which is how she earned her nickname Mother Goose. But no matter how hard she works the crops aren’t growing, the chickens aren’t laying and the cows won’t give milk. It’s got so bad she may have to sell the farm and lose her beloved old friend Priscilla the goose. Let’s hope that something comes up soon because the ruthless property developer Cordelia Brassneck-Whinge is planning to buy the farm and flatten it to build a new Golf club and spa.

Meanwhile, in the underworld the restless Demon Zagan is arguing with a couple of Fairies called Pip and Diamond about how horrible the human race has become. He makes a bet that the Fairies can’t find anyone who is happy with their life. But hey, this shouldn’t be a problem right? Because the Fairies just happen to have heard of Mother Goose and how caring and charitable she is. They set off to find her and win the bet.

And when Fairies start gambling with evil minions of the underworld nothing could possibly go wrong…could it? Fingers crossed that Mother Goose is as lovely as everyone says she is otherwise Demon Zagan might get his own way after all and it might not be just the farm that’s at stake this time …”